Every pupil shall be modestly and neatly dressed in the school uniform which is compulsory on all the school days and at the school function.

Every pupil must have a copy of the school dairy which should be brought to the school daily.

Lord talking or clapping of hands or any disturbance to nearby class is never allowed. For chorus recitation, singing or anything else that is liable to cause disturbance to other class, pupils may be taken outside with due permission.

All are expected to be present before the first bell at 9.10am for the assembly and 1.10pm for the afternoon session.

Pupils must be punctual maybe for the class on every working day.No pupil absent himself/herself without abtaining leave letter signed by the parents/guardian.the letter ought to be sent to the principal through the class teacher.

No absentee or late comer should enter the class without the written permission of the principal.

Parents are requested not to call their children home during working hours. In case of emergency, should produce parent’s ID card.

Parents are not allowed to see their or meet teachers during the school hours without the permission of the principal. Parents who seek information or who wish to make some complaints should do so to the principal and not to the class teacher. All correspondence must go through the principal.

Parents desiring their children to return home for an important reason during school hours are requested to come in person and a gate pass is to be obtained from the principal.

Pupil should not wear any gold ornaments.

Collecting donations or selling tickets for any purpose requires principal’s sanction.

No school business will be transacted before 8:30am or after 4.30pm and also during the holidays and residence.

The school office will work during the school days from 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Absence on the re-opening and closing days of the term or after special holidays like Christmas, Deepavali.Pongal, etc.., will be punishable with a fine Rs.25/-for each day of absence. In case of sickness the school authorities must be informed in the time and doctor’s certificate should be produced.

Pupil absenting herself/himself for 15days in succession without permission will be marked “left”. She/he will not be re-admitted as a matter of course.

Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking a daily interest in their children’s progress. They should check the dairy for the remark and make a note of the homework.

Pupils are solely responsible for their personal belongings, books, written materials, tiffin boxes etc.The school is not responsible for the goods lost.

Pupils should have respect for the school property. They should not damage school furniture, scribble on the walls, desks etc. Any damage to the school property will have to be compensated. They should not damage things which belong to others.


The school year consists of 3 terms.

June to September b)October to January c)February to May

School fee for the whole year can be paid at the beginning itself or at the least fees for the first term (June to September)together with the special fees,etc.,are to be p[aid before the school reopens.

Those who pay the fee in the term wise should pay it before the 10th day of each term. Delay payments will be fined by Rs.25/-per day.

Fees will be received from 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Fee once paid are not refundable. The rates of fees will be subjected to revision.